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Cake Information

The portion chart is based upon 1" finger portions for fruit cakes and wedding cakes

and 1" x 2" party slices for sponge cakes.

The charts are only a guide as a venue may use a different cutting chart ​

which will change the number of available servings.  


[Each sponge cake tier is appx 4.5" to 5" deep.

Fruit cakes are appx 3.5" deep, though can be made taller].

Cake Serving Guides

Cake size portion chart
Cake cutting guide


Starting at £65 for a standard 6" drip/buttercream cake presented on an iced, ribboned board.

[Final prices depend upon size/design/decoration & a deposit secures a booking].

Cake Care & Transportation

Cake transport guide

As our cakes contain natural ingredients,they are best eaten within 2 days.They may well last for much longer,but will not be as fresh.


Cupcakes & Buttercream cakes are best eaten on the day of delivery/collection.

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