Cake Information

The portion chart is based upon 1" finger portions for fruit cake and 1" x 2" dessert slices for sponge cakes.

[PDF cutting guides available to download,below].

However, the charts only a guide as a venue may use a different cutting chart ​which will change the number of available servings.  


[Each sponge cake tier is appx 4.5" to 5" deep.

Fruit cakes are appx 3.5" deep,though can be made taller].

Cake Size Guide


As cakes are made to order,prices vary

and are dependent upon size,design & flavour.

Cakes prices start at £60.

Cake Care & Transportation

[Detailed information available to download,below]

When transporting a cake,please keep it flat and low [the boot or the passenger foot well].


Though it's tempting to keep hold of it,don't travel with it on your knee/a seat.


Upon arrival,keep it in its box,lid ajar & store on a flat surface in a cool,dry place away from heat sources.

[Not in the fridge or in a plastic box].


After cutting,wrap the exposed edge with cling film

then loosely drape the rest of the cake with cling film. 

If the weather is excessively warm,you may want to consider storing in the fridge.

However...this will dry/harden the sponge & it may cause colours to bleed as condensation

forms upon icing,making it sticky.


As our cakes contain natural ingredients,they are best eaten within 2 days.They may well last for much longer,but will not be as fresh.


Cupcakes are best eaten on the day of delivery/collection.