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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wedding consultations?

We no longer offer in-house consultations as all designs & discussions are  managed via email/Messenger [or video call if needed].

We do offer taster boxes at a special price of £20 [deductible on orders in excess of £300]

for four baby cakes of your choice.

Please see below.



Baby Cakes Sample Boxes.

A sample box containing four 3" baby cakes in a choice of flavours-is available to order at a cost of £20.

If you then decide to book, the cost is deductible on orders in excess of £300

[*excluding toppers/fresh & artificial flowers/any extra delivery charge to venues further afield].

Subsequent boxes are charged at £25

& the Sample Box refund offer is available for the first box only.

Full payment to be made when ordering.

Offer excludes: Red Velvet; Fruit cake; Cherry Bakewell & Salted Caramel flavours.


How much notice do you need?

We are a small home-based business and we limit the number of orders we take to about 3 per week-so dates book up quickly. Our lead time is 2 months for wedding cakes;1 month for tiered & celebration cakes and 2 weeks for naked/buttercream cakes.

But we are often booked up well in advance of this & would advise booking as soon as you have a confirmed date.


What happens if I cancel/postpone/want an alteration? How much will it cost? Why do I need to pay a deposit? How do I pay the balance? 

Please click here for the Terms & Conditions, which will answer these questions.



Why is the deposit non-refundable?

Legally, deposits are refundable but a business is also entitled to keep an amount of the deposit

sufficient to cover any losses-this includes:

*loss of profit [as other orders are often turned away

once you confirm a date. If you then cancel, that date can rarely be filled again at short notice] 

*loss of time [eg time spent on emails/messages/admin/

research/working out quotes/liaising with other suppliers/shopping for ingredients /any work already undertaken such as modelling/icing boards/consultations/sample boxes]  

*monetary loss [including purchases made specifically for an order or consultation].

Our deposits have been set to represent a fair estimate of the amount needed to cover

some of these losses so they are therefore, non-refundable.


Can you decorate a cake that I have made or someone else has made for me?

No, I'm afraid not.

Can you provide undecorated iced cakes,plain sponge cakes or models for me to use on my own cake?

No, I'm afraid not.

Can you copy a cake that I have seen in a magazine or on the internet?

It is practically impossible to copy a cake down to the last detail [and exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed either] so cakes can be used for inspiration only and as the design belongs to the original cake maker, we would also have to ask for their permission to use it.

We will try to match ribbons; food colourings ;icing and designs as closely as we can,but you should expect some deviance from the original anyway as no two cake makers will ever work in exactly the same way.


Do you have a shop or a cake catalogue?

No. We are a home based bakery.

We don't have 'stock' designs as our cakes are bespoke but we regularly update the website, Instagram & Facebook so there are lots of examples of cakes that you can base a design on. We're also happy to look at any images/ideas you have yourself.


Do you deliver?

*Celebration cakes & cupcakes are available for collection only.

*Delivery is available for Wedding Cakes.

Delivery & Set-Up within 10 miles is included for orders above £200.

Orders below £200 and/or beyond 10 miles is by arrangement and will incur further costs.


Most deliveries are made on a Friday evening or a Saturday.

Sundays are subject to arrangement and we rarely deliver on weekdays.

[All distances are based upon travel from us to your location using 'Google Maps' directions].

*Full balance must be paid prior to delivery.

We obviously want to deliver your cake/s in perfect condition & in good time. However some factors are beyond our control & we cannot be held liable for any such delays. At some venues, we may also recommend that the cake be delivered in advance. It is your responsibility to provide the correct details: time/location/postcode of the venue. In the unlikely event of late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery price.

In extreme weather conditions, such as snow/flooding, we may not be able to reach a venue or it may be considered too dangerous to deliver.

We can not be held liable under these circumstances & recommend that you take out wedding insurance to cover such eventualities.

Similarly, cakes cannot withstand extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure may result in damage.

The venue is responsible for creating & controlling an appropriate operating temperature.

We can not be held liable for any damage or problems arising from cakes being moved/altered/stored/displayed/setup in inappropriate locations or in extremes of temperature.


We cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs once we have set-up the cake & left the premises. Once the cake is in-situ, photographs/a video will be taken which will serve as proof that the cake was delivered in good condition. We will leave a handover sheet indicating the delivery date/time/cake information. Our Terms & Conditions state that the bride[s] and/or groom[s] accept responsibility for the cake at this point. If the cake is then moved/damaged, we cannot be held liable for any such occurrence and no further liability for loss/damage will be accepted by Delicious Pink Cakery.

Do you Set-Up cakes? 

We will set up the cake as agreed, but we do not 'dress' the whole table

 & we do not provide the cake stand or knife.

The cake table/linen/cake stand should all be set-up prior to our arrival.

If they are not and a delay is incurred, we reserve the right to make a charge of £20 per full or part hour. It is the event manager's/venue's responsibility to provide a secure table & an appropriate environment & temperature for the cake/s.

We may photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without notification or compensation to you.

What do I need to do if I'm collecting?

All collections are contactless & strictly by appointment only.

Cakes-particularly tiered ones-are most at risk during transport, so please read our 'cake care' tab.


We do not have a strict set of opening hours as we work according to the week's orders.

This is generally between 12pm & 6pm on weekdays and 10am & 12pm on Saturdays.

We are closed to both collections and visits on a Sunday.

Being home-based, we ask you to respect the separation of personal & working hours, by collecting cakes on time, and at the agreed time.

Visits are by appointment only.


Can I collect a Wedding Cake?

Yes. But please check that your wedding insurance covers cake damage as we will not be held responsible for any damage to a collected cake once it has left our premises.

We recommend that cakes be collected the day before the wedding to ensure freshness & appropriate set-up time. If you later decide to have your cake delivered-rather than collecting it as agreed-we will try to do so but cannot guarantee the time, as earlier commitments will take priority.

What is a Disclaimer for?

Upon collection, we always require you to sign a disclaimer to confirm that you are happy with your bake.

Once a bake leaves Delicious Pink Cakery’s possession in good condition, you assume all liability and responsibility for it.

The time of collection/delivery is to be agreed by both Delicious Pink Cakery and the customer. 

If collection/delivery time is to be changed by either party, the change must be confirmed by both parties.


Do you make cakes for people with different dietary needs?

Our suga rpaste & cakes are suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians.

Delicious Pink Cakery is not an allergen-free environment so I'm afraid that we can not cater for allergies...


We regularly handle...

Milk, eggs and other dairy products


[incl. peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, coconut, sesame]

     Soya & Sulphites

Celery & Mustard    

Wheat & Gluten

It is also your responsibility to advise us of any allergen risk.

We take all reasonable steps to minimise contamination but we do not state that any products are 'free from'.

If you have an intolerance & still choose to have your cake made by us, you will be asked to accept a disclaimer which states that you have been made aware of the fact that we are not an allergen-free environment and that you accept responsibility for any associated risks, whilst not holding Delicious Pink Cakery responsible for any allergic reaction.

Some cakes may contain food colourings which may cause adverse effects in children.

You agree to notify your guests of this risk and do not hold us responsible for allergic reactions.


Can I use fresh flowers?

There are now many excellent suppliers of silk/artificial flowers and we would recommend using them above fresh flowers.

However, if you would prefer to use fresh flowers/foliage please note that they cannot be placed onto or into cakes without correct food-safe preparation.

We prefer that your florist provides any flowers/foliage that you require. They should be wired / treated appropriately according to the design of your cake. Some flowers are poisonous/and many are unsuitable for use on food products. You should discuss your requirements with your florist and they should be able to suggest suitable non-poisonous, organic or edible flowers that can be used.

If you choose to add flowers/foliage to a cake Delicious Pink Cakery will not be held liable for any problems arising from the use or provision of flowers/foliage. This includes but is not limited to incorrect preparation/mismatched shades or colours/poor conditioning or contamination.


Cakes often contain some inedible items eg dowels,ribbon, wires, crystals, flower picks & flower tape etc.

We will list them on the cake information label/care sheet, but it is your responsibility to ensure that they are removed by your caterer/guests before consumption.