The Icing On The Cake...And in it! 

Some of Our Current Favourites

[Supplements may apply to some flavours].

Signature Vanilla 

Our most popular flavour.Light vanilla sponge & fluffy buttercream enhanced with Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract.

Decadent Chocolate 

Fair Trade Chocolate cake with a rich chocolate flavour.

Finished with chocolate buttercream.

Coconut Delice​ 

Coconut cake with a central layer of rich,dark chocolate buttercream,

& two  layers of vanilla buttercream. 

Coconut & Lime 

Coconut cake with a zesty lime flavoured buttercream.

Dark Irish Cream

Chocolate cake with a shot of Irish Cream

Finished with Irish Cream & Chocolate buttercream.

Light Irish Cream 

Vanilla sponge with a shot of Irish Cream.

Finished with Vanilla & Irish Cream buttercream.


Soft lemon sponge infused with Sicilian Lemon and Zest.

Finished with a lemon buttercream.

Lemon & Elderflower.

Soft lemon sponge infused with Sicilian Lemon and Zest & finished with a 

lovely lemon & elderflower buttercream.

Lemon & White Chocolate 

Sicilian Lemon flavoured sponge with white chocolate buttercream.

Lemon Gin 

Sicilian Lemon flavoured sponge with a Gin-infused lemon curd

and a lemony gin buttercream.

Zesty St Clements 

A Zingy combination of Sicilian Lemon and Seville Orange sponge

with orange flavoured buttercream.

Raspberry & White Chocolate 

Raspberry &  white chocolate flavoured sponge with raspberry nuggets.

Finished with a delicious,light pink Raspberry buttercream. 

Raspberry Chambord 

 Raspberry flavoured sponge with a delicious,light Raspberry and Chambord buttercream. 

Raspberry & Rhubarb 

A lovely raspberry sponge with a light rhubarb buttercream

and a hint of raspberry & rhubarb preserve.

Red Velvet 

Smooth chocolate cake infused with buttermilk and that famous red twist.

Chocolate Orange

Decadent Chocolate Orange cake.

Finished with Chocolate Orange buttercream

Cherry Bakewell 

Almond sponge, with an almond & cherry buttercream and a hint of raspberry preserve.

Strawberry Champagne 

Strawberry flavoured sponge with Strawberry nuggets

and a Champagne flavoured buttercream 

Salted Caramel 

A delicately flavoured dark sugar & salted caramel sponge finished with

a salted caramel buttercream filling.


Strawberries & Cream

​Strawberry & Cream flavoured sponge with strawberry nuggets

light pink strawberry buttercream.

Cookies & Cream

Decadent Chocolate cake.

Finished with a vanilla & crushed Oreo buttercream.  

Traditional Fruit Cake 

A rich,traditional cake with spices and alcohol-soaked fruits.

Something a little Bit Different...


Why not try one of our signature Drip Cakes?