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What's your Guilty Pleasure?

Sweets? Chocolate?Biscuits?Macarons?

Jelly Babies? Brownies? Strawberries & chocolate?

Or are you a sucker for a pretty cake full of flowers?

Whatever your fancy is...

Our Fabulous Naked Number & Letter Cakes make the perfect alternative

to an iced cake when you're celebrating Birthdays,Anniversaries & those wonderful Milestone Occasions.

Choose from our Signature Vanilla,Lush Lemon or

Delicious Chocolate sponge. Pair that with a flavoured buttercream,then we can decorate it to your heart's desire using a selection of fresh fruit,flowers,chocolates,macarons,

chocolate curls,marshmallows,

meringue kisses.

Whatever makes your heart happy!

We also make cakes for children [or those of you with a sweet-tooth] by using sweets or chocolates instead of flowers.

Prices start at £75 per number.

Each number serves,on average,approximately 20-24 portions.

Please note that we use silver cake boards for naked number & letter cakes-

owing to their size,if you require an iced board they are charged at £10 per number.

[Extra sugar work/fruits/chocolate/different flavours etc. available & priced individually]. 

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